New vs. Used

What is the biggest difference between new and used textbooks? It’s simple. The cost.  Used textbooks cost approximately 25% less than new books and the University Store has the largest selection of used textbooks in town. In fact, used books comprise more than 30% of our entire textbook inventory. And, because these books are on site, you can personally inspect them before buying. Used books sell out fast, though, so buy your books as soon as possible for the best selection. Students who wait to purchase their textbooks until after the first week of classes may be limited to only new textbooks if the used copies have already sold out, ultimately costing you more money.

Buying your textbooks early doesn't mean taking a gamble, it means playing it safe. If you purchase your textbooks from the University Store and later find you don't actually need that textbook for whatever reason you can return it within the first 10 days of the semester during the fall or spring, or within the first five days of the semester during the summer, for a full refund as long as you have your receipt. Therefore, we recommend you not write in or unwrap any book until you are sure you will be keeping it for the semester, just in case you need to return it. All refunds will be given according to the initial method of payment only.

Unfortunately, used books aren’t always an option for every class, for instance when faculty members require a new edition of a textbook. The University Store is on your side and works to ensure the lowest possible prices on textbooks for our students, which is why we operate on an approximately 5% lower gross profit margin for new textbooks than the national average.

The University Store understands that students want to pay the best possible price for their textbooks, which often means scouting out the best deals across a variety of local and online retailers. We are sure you have come across countless online retailers who tout amazing textbooks prices that seem too good to be true. Well be careful, because they just might be. Often purchasing your textbooks from a third party online can result in you not having the correct edition or all the ancillary materials needed for the class, including CD-ROMs, workbooks or online access codes. Without those, sometimes the textbook could be deemed useless. We work directly with OSU faculty members to ensure we have in stock exactly what you need to succeed in their classes. Shopping at the University Store at the Student Union or online at means getting the right textbooks and course materials at the best prices.  |  405.744.5238
The University Store is owned and operated by Oklahoma State University, and every purchase made in the University Store directly benefits the university.