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Dell Summer Rebate

Take the following steps to verify your student status and receive your
promotional Dell rebate check:

  1. 1. Visit
    2. Enter the service tag number from your Dell PC. Your unique service tag is located on
    the outside of the product box, as well as on the underside of the device.
    3. Enter your personal information.
    4. Verify your student eligibility. Enter a valid .EDU email address or another email domain
    sponsored by your educational institution. If you do not have an .EDU email address,
    Identit-e will attempt to validate your student status through your school’s enrollment
    5. Provide a copy of your store receipt(s) as proof of purchase. The qualifying system
    must have been purchased between 01/29/2022 and 01/28/2023. The receipt must
    show the retailer name, the purchase date, and itemized purchase including price.
    Verification requests must be submitted no later than February 28, 2023, 11:59pm CST.
    6. Identit-e Services will confirm receipt of your request and will review within 24 hours. If
    further action is needed, you will be notified via email from Identit-e Services.
    7. Once validated, Identit-e will mail your rebate check to the address indicated or issue
    PayPal fulfillment to the email address as indicated in your request within 6-8 weeks.
    8. The rebate check is valid for 90 days from issue date.
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