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Each semester the University Store’s goal is to buy back as many textbooks as possible, allowing students to turn their unwanted books into cash and enabling us to offer a large selection of used books the following semester, thus saving students money. Students can sell their textbooks back to the University Store regardless of where the textbook was originally purchased or whether it was in new or used condition. Even if a textbook is not being used at OSU the following semester, the University Store buys back thousands of additional titles that are being used on other campuses nationwide.


Tips for getting the most cash for your books:

  1. Sell your books back as early as you can. Buybacks are first-come, first-served and quantities may be limited.
  2. Check with your professors to make sure they have turned in their book lists for the next semester. Until book lists from the faculty have been received by the University Store, books can only be bought back at the wholesale cost if the book has current market value.
  3. Since we get new book lists from faculty members daily it helps to keep checking in often if we couldn’t initially buy your book back.
  4. If your textbook came as part of a package or bundle make sure you bring everything in together when you come to sell it back.

Unfortunately, there are a few reasons why the University Store may not be able to offer you full buyback price for your textbook, including if your textbook is in unreasonably bad condition, if the University Store has already met their quantity limits for that title, if there is no national demand for your book, if a new edition has been published, if your textbook is a part of a custom package that is missing pieces, or if your instructor has elected to not use that book the following semester.

To get the most cash back the best time to sell your textbooks is at the end of each academic semester; however, textbooks will be bought back on a daily basis throughout the academic year at wholesale value.


Sell your textbooks online


Textbook Buyback Locations & Hours:


Students can come in when their classes are done and sell their books at the window down in 030 Student Union (the Cowboy Underground) from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Stillwater Campus: 

  • Student Union
    May 6 - 10 | 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

If you rented a textbook from the University Store for the fall semester, those books can also be returned at our buyback location. Please remember, rented textbooks are property of the University Store and must be returned by no later than Friday, May 3  at 5 p.m. to avoid penalties. Please refer to the University Store's textbook rental agreement for any questions you may have. 


We know you have a lot of choices when selling your textbooks. We only hope you will make the choice to sell them back to the one store that gives you more – in more ways than one!


The University Store is owned and operated by Oklahoma State University, and every purchase made in the University Store directly benefits the university. 
Textbook Buyback
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